Ron Bronson


I am Ron Bronson, a strategist and service designer. Currently, I'm doing UI/UX and service designer for the City of Bloomington, Indiana. I've been on stage at design, UX & content strategy events around the world including Confab, Design & Content Conference, Pixel Up!, CASE Multimedia Summit, HighEdWeb and many others.

Over the past decade, I've launched digital products a strategy director, content/UX designer, and front-end developer. I thrive filling in the spaces on teams where collaboration is cruical, and deft understanding of moving parts is mission critical.

I launched Aggregate, a two-day digital conference, made a problem solving deck called Pensulo, invented a sport (Tennis Polo), and was head of product for Omnivore, a startup athletic brand. I'm on the board of Indiana Design & Innovation Week and involved a bevy of local non-profits.

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