Ron Bronson

Ron Bronson is an experience designer, information architect, digital director, and speaker. He works on large-scale digital transformation projects, collaborates with developers & other designers to build digital products, interfaces, and migrate large sites successfully. He's been on stage at conferences around the world discussing diverse topics around the user experience. Right now, he leads the product design team at 18F.

Before moving to the west coast, Ron started a number of non-profit community design events including Indianapolis Design Week. He also local boards of Indy's AIGA and IxDA chapters. He also spent two years as a volunteer news anchor (and later, a board member) at community radio station WFHB-FM. A long time ago, he spent four years on active duty in the U.S Air Force, too.

Ron sometimes coaches tennis; plays professional skeeball; volunteers with Code for PDX; an amateur tea sommelier; and is America's leading Finnish baseball (Pes├Ąpallo) evangelist. If you want to talk about music, find him on Twitter.